Sunrise Over Rangitoto Island From Murrays Bay Jetty

This is one of those images where everything just came together. I love the colors in this image and the leading lines from both the clouds and the pier.
Sunrise Over Rangitoto Island From Murrays Bay Jetty

I arrived at this location about 20 min before the blue hour the day I went to take this photograph. I was unsure how far the walk would be, and I wanted to give myself enough time to find the pier. Admittedly I didn’t check the tide, so I wasn’t sure if I would set up below the pier or on it.

Imagine my surprise when getting to the pier at the crack of dawn, the only photographer surrounded by about fifteen fishermen. I thought photographers got up early, but apparently, the fisherman beat us to the punch. Luckily no one was fishing at the end of the pier, allowing me to capture this image without anyone in it.


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