About The Wandering Plank

The Wandering Plank is a site run by me, Jacques Olivier. I love sharing my experience and knowledge with others, so I decided to start this site where I can teach and inspire others to not only capture their own travels but also to follow their dreams. Follow along as I document my travels, share my thoughts and teach you how I take photographs and make films.

Jacques Olivier

About Jacques Olivier

Hi my name is Jacques Olivier and I am an aspiring travel photographer and filmmaker originally from South Africa but now living in New Zealand. I am married to a wonderful wife with whom I have two amazing daughter. I work fulltime in the IT industry, but have had a dream of becoming a fulltime travel photographer and filmmaker for a very long time.

The Photography

I remember being interested in photography since I was a child. Although not my first experience, my passion started with landscapes photography. The allure of grand vistas and majestic mountains bathed on golden light has always been something I find inspiring and alluring. The idea of capturing a place as well as its people and culture however is what has taken my passion for photography to a whole new level.

The Filmmaking

Even though I have loved films since I was a child, becoming a filmmaker was not something I have ever though about until recent years. From bustling markets to tranquil rivers, the addition of sound and motion has opened up a whole new way for me to tell a story compared to just photography. Although I’m pretty new to filmmaking I am excited about this art form and what I am able to do with it.