Piha Beach Rock Pool

After an evening of failing light and bad compositions, I managed to grab this shot as I was busy packing up. I love the reflection of the pink sky colors in the ocean.
Piha Beach Rock Pool

This trip was one of those spontaneous outings to capture some seascapes with a friend. I didn’t do any planning, and if I recall, it wasn’t long before sunset when we arrived.

After trying to find a suitable composition in the bad setting light, I started packing up to go home. As I was packing up my gear, the sun broke through the clouds on the horizon and gave us some color in the sky.

I had to hurry to try and get a composition together. Looking at the image on the back of the camera, I wasn’t happy with the colors, and I thought that there wasn’t much there. But when I started editing the image, I was able to pull out some cool pink tones, especially in the water.

It is not the most outstanding composition, but I love the colors and the swirling water, so I decided to share it. The moral of the story though, is don’t pack up your gear before the end of golden or even blue hour. You never know what is going to happen.


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