Cecil Peak Sunrise In Queenstown

This morning must have been one of the coldest days I have been out to photograph landscapes. After trying to photograph an image I had in mind the whole morning, I gave up and turned my attention to this peak. I tried capturing the alpenglow on the mountain once I noticed it. But it had disappeared somewhat by the time I got my composition.
Cecil Peak Queenstown

Before my youngest was born, my wife and I took my eldest daughter to Queenstown’s for the winter festival. This trip was our first time in Queenstown, and I can still remember the excitement we felt going. Even before immigrating to New Zealand, my wife and I wanted to go to Queenstown. In fact it was one of the places that played a part in convincing me to immigrate.

During our trip, I took the opportunity to do some sunrise landscape photography down by the lake. I remember spending the first morning trying to photograph the Remarkables mountain range. I wanted to photograph the mountains with the sun rising to the mountains’ side. But, this idea never materialized as there was no good light. The sun did manage to break through the clouds and light up this mountain though.

I still remember the alpenglow on the peak. The bright red and orange colors of the grass, and the snow lighting up bright red. By the time I moved my tripod and got a composition though, the sun had already started disappearing. I still managed to get some color but clouds were covering the peak so I lost the glow in the snow.


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