Burning Sky Over Auckland Marina

This was the most amazing orange color that I have ever seen during sunset. It literally looked like the sky was on fire at the time. What makes this photo even more amazing is that the actual sun was setting behind me.
Burning Sky Over Auckland Marina

I clearly remember this day. Leaving home, I decided to go into the city for sunset instead of going to the coast where the sun would be setting. On my drive, the sky’s color started exploding towards the coast where the sun was busy setting, and I thought that I made a mistake coming into the city.

To my surprise, the sky’s color over the city was almost as vivid as what I could see towards the coast. It was all happening so fast that I quickly set up for a composition that I already had in mind at this location.

As great as the color is, I wish I minimized the amount of foreground water by placing my camera lower to the ground. Doing that would have allowed me also to capture more of those burning clouds.


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