Bethells Beach Sunset

It's funny how the conditions change so quickly sometimes. I had a preconceived image in mind the day I went to take this photo. But by the time I got to the location, the weather had changed entirely.
Bethells Beach Sunset

Years ago, when my wife and I immigrated to New Zealand, we drove around on weekends discovering new places. Bethells Beach is one of those places that we found, and we fell in love with it. It is still today one of our favorite beaches in New Zealand.

The first time we went there, we ended up walking along the beach, and on the way back, we decided to take a path back to the car the involved walking in between the dunes. I remember climbing up on one of the dunes to look back at the beach. I remembered thinking about a photograph I saw once with a similar view, and though one day, when it is overcast, I should come back and take that photo.

One day, many years later, I went out to do some sunset photography. The weather looked terrible, with severe overcast clouds at my home. I decided to drive out to Bethells Beach and see if I could capture that photograph I had once envisioned.

All the way there, the clouds remained, but once I arrived, it is like they just disappeared and the sun came out. Not wanting to waste a trip, I decided to go for a walk and find a composition when these shrubs growing on the dune grabbed my attention. I just loved the electric green color of the new leaves against the drab dune and grass.


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