Auckland Harbour Bridge

This is shot from "The Warf" at Northcote Point in Auckland. I love how the bridge creates a natural frame for the city in the background.
Auckland Harbour Bridge From Northcote Point

The variety of compositions from this location is quite limited, so this is not really a unique perspective. What is different, though, is the color of the lights. Normally all the image you see from this location is when the bridge is lit in bright colors.

Even though the bright colors are nice, and they create a nice reflection, I really like the more natural look in this image. I also love how the lights match the color of the stone in the pier of the bridge. As well as the shadows created by the girders.

The blue light trails on the bridge is actually from double-decker busses crossing over the bridge. I remember trying to time the busses to make sure I get the entire light trail in one shot.


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